Mnemonic Release Workflow

To release a new version of Mnemonic, please refer to following steps.

  • 1.Get familiar with Apache releasing process

  • 2.Verify the whole project.

  • 3.Vote on preparing a release candidate.

  • 4.(One time setup) Generate a OpenPGP key if the release manager has not yet got one.

  • 5.(One time setup) Configure the deployment repositories of Maven and copy the following snippet to settings.xml under <home folder>/.m2/

    <settings xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation=""> <profiles> <profile> <id>apache-release</id> <properties> <altSnapshotDeploymentRepository>snapshots::default::file:///${env.HOME}/ws/maven-repository/snapshots</altSnapshotDeploymentRepository> <altReleaseDeploymentRepository>releases::default::file:///${env.HOME}/ws/maven-repository/releases</altReleaseDeploymentRepository> </properties> </profile> </profiles> </settings>

  • 6.Make sure the OpenJDK has been deployed in release machine.

  • 7.Configure the signing key in git toolchain (see example below).

    $ git config --global user.signingkey <your gpg key id>

  • 8.Use script to prepare a release candidate (see example below).

    $ tools/ candidate 0.14.0 rc1 no

  • 9.Make sure the tickets belong to current release that got marked in the field of fixed version.

  • 11.Collect the change log of current version from Apache JIRA

  • 12.Check in the generated release candidate artifacts to Apache stage repository, add to change log file, and update the key file with new generated key if not included.

  • 13.Vote on the release candidate.

  • 14.Check the latest candidate to Apache release repository as formal new version release.

  • 15.Perform formal release in git (see example below).

    $ tools/ bump 1.14.0 rc1 0.15.0

  • 16.Announce the new release version with the link of release repository.

  • 17.Update the download page in project website.